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Weakness June 24, 2008

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‘What turns weakness into strength?

Faith that refuses to back up, back down, or settle for less than what God has promised’

I can’t tell you how true this is… you gotta experience it for yourself. It’s the best thing ever!


Just my thoughts… June 10, 2008

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I wanted to write about the last few days. Whether I publish it or not, we shall see.

I’ve been on a really weird journey since Thursday. My mum and brother left on the plane for England and on the way home from dropping them to the airport, the pain in my shoulder kicked in big time! So much so that I had to take one of the extra ’emergency only’ tablets that I have on top of my regular ones. It did nothing until Friday when rather than stop the pain they made me feel like the world was floating.

On Thursday night I had a dream of being in England with my family and friends too and when I woke up, my heart ached when I realised it was only a dream.

I tried my best to carry on and get on with all I have to do and I succeeded until Sunday (yesterday) when all I could do was pretty much nothing. I was getting fed up with the whole thing of my shoulder and the side effects from my regular tablets I have to take. It was when I spoke to my mum in England last night that I finally broke….

She was telling me how wonderful it was to be there and how much people take the fellowship of other Christians for granted. How they don’t realise how great their worship together is compared to a place where we use a CD and in a very good week see only 1-3 other Christians. I came off of the phone feeling so discouraged and alone in all I’m doing here. I went to bed thinking “what’s the point?” and feeling like this part of the world has been forgotten and I was wating my time here… I was promptly reminded by a friend who lives on the other side of the Atlantic that “there are people all over the world with you, many who wish they could be there right now…” I remembered how I felt when God called me here and all I wanted was to get here.

This morning I stirred early and remembering it was Monday and all I had to do, I turned over and cried out to God in desparation more than anything to help me to just get through the day. The reason I’m writing this is to testify to how faithful my God is!!!

I fell asleep again after that prayer and was woken by my dad saying we had to be at a meeting soon. When I walked out to the car I was hit with the most wonderful perfume that I can’t describe to you unless you’ve experienced a summer’s day here. I was overwhelmed by God telling me He created such things in this world to remind us of how much He loves us and in that moment that I breathed in, I felt so un-alone and SO loved.

I spent some great time with my dad after the meeting we had to go to. We sat with coffee in the main street of Sligo with the sun beating down and the sound of street buskers playing Irish tunes. I commented to my dad how nice it feels to know those tunes now. I felt a smile inside when that thought lead me to how much this place is in my heart. We talked about lots of things and sometimes stopped in the comfortable silence there is between father and daughter and then from nowhere I said “I forget how easy it was when I lived in England and just had to get up and go to my job and come home again and then go socialise and then go to bed and do it all over again the next day, secure in the knowledge that a pay cheque would arrive in my bank at the end of the month…. but how much happier I am knowing I am in the place where God called me to be and doing the things he has me doing here – I wouldn’t change it for the world”.  Dad agreed and said that even though he and mum gave up everything to come here, it was only in doing so that he has felt true happiness. I attribute that to God’s constant faithfulness – I don’t know what Dad attributes it to; I have my suspicions that he is beginning to find it impossible to deny the power of God at work in where we find ourselves in our lives right now.

When we got home, I ploughed into preparing the kids club and youth group for this evening. In the background I was listening to some amazing songs and at times had to stop my work to worship God and feel His incredible embrace as I did so. But He didn’t stop there….

Every week when those children and young people walk through the door, God reminds me firstly why I am here and secondly what a blessing those kids are to me – those of you who have met them will understand why.

So all that written just to say this… So what if my shoulder hurts? So what if there’s not much fellowship here with other Christians? I miss my friends and family desperately sometimes but there is nothing, NOTHING so amazing as to be here ‘for such a time as this’. I wish I could share with everyone what an amazing feeling that is and what a spur it is to carry on each day. He’s doing something amazing here in the West of Ireland… what a privilege to be here to experience it first hand and what a great honour to come to the point where God has to remind me of how much He loves me and why I am here.

Does that make sense? 🙂