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January August 2, 2008

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Summer seems to be the time when things wind down a bit as people go on holiday. But for me so far it has been a time of preparation for the new term in September with the young people and kids clubs and also a time to begin to plan a few other things that have been on my heart.


These things I wanted to share and to ask everyone to pray about them and to consider getting involved. There are three things in particular that I want to tell you about. I’ll cover them one at a time in seperate posts.


For a long time I have felt this part of the world has been somewhat forgotten by the Church. Just recently that feeling has increased greatly and I have felt more and more that this feeling is from God’s own heart. I have felt the need and an urgency to tell people about and to show them the West of Ireland. I may have said before that this part of the world is the least evangelised part of Europe. Evangelical Christians make up only 0.02% of the population here. We are truly in the minority! I could type all day about this place – the natural beauty contrasted with the spiritual darkness, but rather than do that now, I’d like to extend an invitation:-


In January of 2009, I am organising a month of prayer for Sligo and the surrounding area. I would LOVE for you to get involved in January, with lifting this place before God and seeking His heart for the things He has planned for it. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in, you can get involved.


Several things will be happening during the month and leading up to it. There will be a rota so that there is prayer going on every single hour of that month. There will be events such as healing meetings and prayer walks in Sligo and the surrounding towns and villages.


So how can you get involved? There are a few ways…

1. Sign up on the prayer rota for however long you feel you can manage. We will send daily updates and prayer pointers to everyone who wants to get involved.

2. Organise prayer meeting/s in your church or with a group of friends during the month of January.

3. Come and see for yourself! Either in these months leading up to or during January itself, we’re extending an invitation to everyone to come and visit Sligo. We will provide self-catering accommodation in the most beautiful of settings and we’ll show you the contrasts that I mentioned earlier.

We’ve had many people visit us over the last few years. Individuals, couples, families and teams. All of them have gone home affected by the place and it’s people. The West of Ireland is so close to where some of us live now, and yet it is a world away.

For years you’ve all put up with my babbling on about Sligo and the way in which it has stolen my heart. Why don’t you take this opportunity and come and see it for yourself?


So that’s the first of three things that I wanted to put out there. A month of solid prayer and petition for a  place that has been overlooked by many and yet is so close by. Please get in touch if you feel led to get involved in any of the three ways above or if you have any further ideas.

“Can a woman forget the baby she nurses?

Can she feel no kindness for the child to which she gave birth?

Even if she could forget her children,

I will not forget you.

See I have written your name on my hand.”

Isaiah 49:14-16