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Final Update February 2, 2009

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So January is over and we are already two days in to February. Over the month we have had…


54 people, 2 house Groups, 2 Youth Groups and 1 Prison Fellowship praying.

This covered 7 countries and 6 American states.

Just through the prayer rota alone we have prayed for 694 hours!


I don’t know where to start except to say, we have seen true miracles this last month; In church life, family life, within the team, personally and within the spiritual climate in this area.


I want to thank you all for taking this vision and running with it. You, by your prayers have done something amazing! Please don’t read that and think “Well the others did, but I didn’t pray long enough or every time I should have.” That’s not the point; the point is that you joined with us at all. You will never know how grateful we are or of the extent of the difference you have made.


So what now?


Well firstly, it would be so sad if we were to leave it at this. So here are my suggestions….

Lets continue with a prayer rota but one where people pray once a month (more if you feel you can). I’ll do the same thing as before by sending out updates and prayer pointers.


In September we’d like to open up an offer for as many of you prayer warriors as possible to come to Sligo. This would be an opportunity to see the places you have been praying for, meet the people you have been praying for, to meet each other and to pray together. Obviously, this is a huge undertaking, so we would need to know if you are genuinely interested in doing this as soon as possible.


I am planning on getting a team together to visit churches in the UK, to raise the profile of the need for God in the West of Ireland. If your church would like to host an Irish themed evening, a day conference or to dedicate a church service to this, please do get in touch!


And finally if you know of anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 who would value spending an extended length of time working with us here in Ireland, let me know and I’ll send out a leaflet about our Gap Year. Or visit:


As the sun beams through the window whilst I type this, I am smiling at the thought of the way God is working here. The way the spiritual darkness is breaking and the renewed knowledge of the fact that PRAYER WORKS! So all that is left to say is thank you, thank you, thank you!


Keep in touch, keep in the Word and keep pressing on Warriors.


Much Love

Lyndsey and all your brothers and sisters in the West of Ireland