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St. Patrick’s Day Prayer March 16, 2010

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Ireland is experiencing the calm before the storm this evening. Tomorrow everyone will be involved in parades, dressing in green and many, many will be heading to the pubs as early as they can.

We’ll be heading down to the Sligo parade and then to the one in Manorhamilton.
We’re not going to give you a huge list of prayer requests this time around. We’d just really like you to lift Ireland before God and pray the things you feel to pray.

Please do let us know how it went and if you felt God saying anything to you regarding Ireland.

We’ve attached a fun link for information on St. Paddy himself. He’d be distraught if he saw what goes on here on the 17th March to celebrate him. It’s our heart to see Ireland the way he did – with it’s eyes on God and on the world He loves.

Thank you all!!!


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