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September 30, 2010

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I haven’t posted since March! Lots of reasons for that but mainly the incredible roller coaster of life we have been on over the last few months! Hopefully now things are more settled for us, I can write more often. There are so many things on my heart to write about but for now I’ll just fill you all in on our news.

By now I’m sure you’re all aware that there is going to be a new little D’Errico in the world in just 10 weeks time! We are so excited and feel so blessed! Baby is due on the 8th December and we decided not to find out if it is a boy or a girl. All we know is that our child is healthy and VERY lively!!

Last time I wrote, the spring had just arrived – it’s strange to think we are now well into Autumn and watching the chimneys belch the sweet smelling smoke of Irish peat. Eric and I moved house 2 weeks ago. It’s an upgrade as well as a downgrade. The house has a garden, which we didn’t have before and it is far more local to where we spend most of our time. It is a much older building though and needs a lot of work done on it! Also we have discovered that our neighbours are noisy – beyond belief! But it’s okay because we are praying for them!!!! What is wonderful is that the new place is considerably cheaper! It is in a community where there are many needs and we are praying about how best we can reach out and be Jesus to those who live around us.

We have spent some time over the summer looking at the things we were doing and asking God about what He would have us do. As a result of this, things have considerably changed for us. We are determined not to ‘do’ things for the sake of it but want to work and be where God would have us.

Eric has had ongoing issues with securing a Visa to stay in Ireland. We have tried to jump through so many hoops – most of which didn’t feel right to us but seemed necessary for Eric to be able to stay. None of those ‘hoops’ seemed to work out and we became increasingly frustrated and concerned with the situation. All of a sudden, Eric discovered that if he were to study in Ireland, he would be allowed to stay here without any other conditions. He searched through the list of approved courses, willing to study anything if it meant he could stay here. He discovered a Bible College in Dublin, where he can do his Masters in Applied Theology with a focus on 21st Century Ireland. He would only have to go down to Dublin for a day every two weeks. It’s completely perfect! He is currently going through the application process, but all is looking good. God had it all planned out – we just had to listen to Him! It is relatively cheap at 2000 Euros but with little regular income, we’re praying for God’s provision. We’d really value your prayers for this. Eric is also applying for his Italian Citizenship, which would mean he can stay in Ireland for good, as an EU Citizen. The process will take a while but in the long run, it’s the perfect solution.

So our current situation has us living and worshiping in Sligo at the Elim church here. It’s so exciting to see what God is doing in the town that has been on our hearts for so long. This Sunday the church is hosting an American Gospel singer – Johnny Ramirez and are using the opportunity of having him and his team here to host a concert in one of the local hotels. (If you’re in Sligo, it’s at 3pm at the City Hotel.)

So, since March, we have visited Orlando, Ohio and New Jersey… I have turned 30 and had Pneumonia and Pleurisy in the same week  (completely fine now)… we had some great visits from family and friends (we’d love some more of those!)… we’ve moved house and the baby bump has been growing at an incredible rate!!

There are lots of things God is speaking to us about the future – we are REALLY excited, so watch this space! We are currently looking for teams to come and join with us and local Christians throughout 2011… Let us know if you’re interested!!

So I might be on again soon, writing about my thoughts and sharing more news. Until then, hello to you all! Would LOVE to hear your news too!